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Bien benidos! This is a place we have created for you to stay informed on all of our latest news, view our horses ,performances,  and keep in touch. We are excited to share our passion, our way of life (our art) , with you.  We hope you enjoy our photos and learning about the beautiful ,Spanish Equestrian Arts and Horses.
Ruben Rangel 2011 Rocky Mountian Horse Expo

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Colorado Spanish Andalusian Horse Breeder-

Julie G. 
"I love riding with Leah and Ruben - They are fantastic riders.  They are both very intent on really bringing my riding up to their level. Leah has been really great at communicating with me about what I need to do to accomplish that, and won't let me settle for less.
With that being said,  neither of them sugar-coat things when I am not up to par. They are not mean about it, but they don't 'blow smoke', which I appreciate, because I don't then continue making the same mistakes over and over instead of progressing.
I would really recommend taking lessons with Leah or Ruben. They are very nice people."
 Angela G. 
  “Good honest people that I have been associated with and done business with for over 10 years.  I respect the true honesty and personal recognition this family gives to their clients. Their dedication to the training and well being of their horses is like no other.”  

 Kelly D. 
 “Ruben and Leah are great people! I bought my  2&1/2 yr old, Max, from them recently. They both took the time to not only show me how Max was trained, but they gave me several lessons on him as well (FOR FREE). I have work to do on myself but they were patient with me and showed me what to do, and what to  work on so that I don't confuse Max! Lol .  They also told me to call or come back any time for assistance. Leah followed up with me about two weeks after I bought him, which showed me how much she genuinely cares. Not the typical “sell you the horse and good luck” type. I Highly recommend Rangel & Sons Andalusians and Leah/ Ruben for lessons, or sales, they are very knowledgeable and care about their horses and the people who buy them!”

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